Discover your new remote control, your Smarphone!

A single device controls up to 4 gates and can be used by different users, no longer needing the remote control.

The ultimate solution for all your home and professional automations.

For several years the gates of our driveways and of our access doors have been radio-controlled, at home and in the company. We have on average 2 remote controls for each car and in the family we are equipped with at least 5 remote controls. But what happens when a remote is lost? when does the battery run out? when is it damaged?

We also need to retrieve the remote control from the car when we go out on a motorcycle or bicycle.

Finally, we often need to open the gate of the house to couriers or artisans when we are not present

Wouldn't it be ideal to have this simple function available on our smartphone? From today you can do all this and much more with 1Control systems!

Incredibly simple.

Download the free "1Control" App.

Copy your remote control with the App.

Place your SOLO near the gate / garage.

Open and close the gate with a simple touch on your smartphone screen

Intelligence meets simplicity.

The SOLO gate opener is very easy to use and is compatible with ALL remote controls on the market (over 700 basic models but extends to all with the KIT system).