Mosquito Magnet

Discover the best garden mosquito trap in the world
Mosquito Magnet is the most innovative remedy against mosquitoes in capturing insects, simulating human breath, it attracts mosquitoes and then sucks them up without escape with its specific reverse-flow technology, definitively eliminating these annoying insects.

Mosquitoes and blood-attracted insects have been shown to make their way to humans by following the carbon dioxide trail they produce with normal breathing. Mosquito Magnet simulates human breathing by catalytically converting propane into carbon dioxide. (there are no open flames!)
An effective mosquito repellent to attract prey must emit a trail of carbon dioxide at specific levels and rates of release. In fact, the sensory system of the insect must be able to perceive the difference between the carbon dioxide delivered by the device and that normally present in the environment. For this Mosquito Magnet is structured for the emission of a precise quantity of CO2 on a 24 hour basis, so that it is able to capture harmful insects both day and night.
Mosquitoes approach Mosquito Magnet to feed, but as soon as "within range" they are hopelessly sucked and captured, once caught the mosquitoes die of dehydration within a day and are eliminated together with the retina.
It has been scientifically proven that Mosquito Magnet interrupts the reproduction cycle of mosquitoes by eliminating the presence of these annoying insects throughout the year in your garden. In fact, it is the female mosquitoes that bite the mammals (and man) to feed the eggs before laying and therefore it will be mainly they who will be captured and no longer able to lay the broods.
By capturing the female mosquitoes, responsible for the bites, it interrupts the reproduction cycle of the mosquitoes and thanks to the increased net allows the capture of a greater number of insects.
The mosquito trap with which you can finally say goodbye to annoying bites and start enjoying the outdoors.

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