Cooling Systems

Nebulization Cooling Systems
Nebulization has several purposes, among which the most common is certainly cooling. Cooling an outdoor environment with this type of system is often the most effective and economical system. For example, if we need to lower the temperature of external or very large environments, we certainly cannot use an air conditioning system that would be useless or extremely expensive.
Misting to cool outdoor environments is a Digital Garden system that uses patented nozzles that distribute micro-particles of water throughout the environment in which they are installed, without wetting. The operating pressure of these systems varies from 60 to 80 bar, producing a very fine particulate. These micro drops of water do not wet the surfaces because on contact with the warm atmosphere of the room to be served they evaporate without leaving a trace. Precisely this evaporation combined with the flow of air produced by the fans produces the pleasant cooling effect.

this nebulization is able to activate a heat exchange in a natural way, limiting the costs of water and electricity.
Several comparative studies show that the management costs of a misting system are about a tenth of equivalent air conditioning systems
Nebulization for bars, restaurants, public places
Digital Garden designs and manufactures misting and ventilation systems and systems that are effective and reliable in a short time. The construction of these plants takes into account the well-being of the customers, the budget of the year and the regulations regarding plant engineering.
Nebulization with FREE-STANDING solutions
Digital Garden also has a range of FREE-STANDING products that do not require any installation and can also be equipped with a water tank.
They are ideal solutions for places where it is necessary to remove equipment at the end of operations, such as unattended or fenced gardens, events, open areas facing the street.

Nebulisation for swimming pools
the swimming pool and the surrounding gardens may require cooling zones for the well-being of the users and reduce the temperature difference generated by the immersion. We design and manufacture misting systems and systems for swimming pools, water parks and gardens. Your guests will enjoy a sensational coolness, a clean environment and an optimal climatic condition.
Nebulizers for industrial buildings
The misting systems, thanks to the high-pressure control units, distribute the micro-particulate of water in a fluid way, making the industrial warehouse cool, a perfect environment and ideal climatic conditions for working. Our systems are able to reduce the temperature by 7 ° / 10 ° degrees without wetting high voltage systems, CNC machines and ferrous materials. These systems have proved to be an excellent alternative to air conditioning systems with much lower operating costs.