Thermal Fog Efficiency and Detail

the main fields of application are the control of vectors of infection, disinfestation, control of stored products, food protection.
Thermal sprayers generate dense fog both indoors and outdoors With the correct active ingredient they successfully destroy germs, bacteria and insects.
All IGEBA thermonebulisers consist of a carburettor, mixer, combustion chamber and resonator. The solution is then inserted at the end of the terminal and hit by the high-density steam flow.
When used in INDOOR environments, it completely covers the environment in a short time, reaching even the smallest interstices.
IGEBA nebulizers can work with either aqueous or oil-based solutions.
Droplet spectrum with oil-based solutions (e.g. Diesel, kerosene)
<20 micrometres (VMD)
Droplet spectrum with water-based solutions
> 20 micrometres (VMD)

Thermal fog - list of advantages:
Excellent distribution with small quantities, e.g. Mosquito treatment: only 5-8 l / ha
No product waste
quick and effective method
Faster than traditional nebulizers
More effective penetration into small spaces and recesses
Increased efficacy of the active ingredient when water-based
Up to 150m disinfection effective range
Recommended for acid-based disinfection