RainMachine - Forecast Smart WiFi Irrigation Controllers

Traditional irrigation controllers use an outdated technology that makes them difficult to program, basically stupid and not integrable with any home automation system.
Oh yes! We forgot: they have no connection with the real weather conditions. So they always water even if rain is expected a few minutes after finishing their work cycle.
Discover the best of Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler - In Sync with Nature.
The only way to really save water is to listen to nature. synchronizing your control unit with the weather events. RainMachine calculates the evaporation losses of the soil and adapts the amount of irrigation to this data.
Basically RainMachine takes a certain certain datum (the irrigation program) and adapts it to a variable datum - the weather conditions producing an irrigation program that not only saves you water but nourishes the soil correctly and adequately.
In fact, let's not forget that excessive irrigation can be just as harmful as a little irrigation - but cost a lot more!
Let's see all the advantages of Rainmachine:
Save water
Intelligent irrigation increases water efficiency by collecting and processing weather forecasts in advance
Water saving is the best way to save money in garden management and reduce our environmental footprint.

Saving Water = Saving Energy
 A significant amount of energy is spent on water distribution, pumping, filtration and water distribution. Electricity is consumed at each stage of the process. Most of the electricity is still produced today by burning fossil fuels. The energy and water savings that rainmachine has generated so far is measured in tens of MegaW / h and is already estimated at the equivalent of millions of km traveled with a car.
Save the planet and your savings
 According to many estimates (first of all EPA) about 70% of a home's water consumption is spent on garden irrigation. Edi this up to 50% is wasted!
You can connect to your control unit from smartphones and tablets both from the local wi-fi network and remotely
All our WIFI devices are compatible with the RAINMACHINE APP. This allows you to create your own irrigation schedules and manually activate the system valves. It is the ideal solution to manage your irrigation system.
Control wherever you are
 It doesn't matter where you are, whether at home in the living room or even in the office. You will always remain in full control of your system. Surprise your friends and family by activating the irrigation with a simple tap on your smartphone.
Statistics Area
 All RainMachine models allow the consultation of all the statistical data of your garden (rainfall, humidity, temperatures, and wind speed). They are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You will thus be able to see the evolution of irrigation programming according to these parameters.
Quick access to any area of ​​your garden
Your garden will be divided into zones according to the structure of the irrigation system. you can program the irrigation according to the needs of the plants for each area. and you can always modify, adapt or switch off a zone simply using the APP.
The RainMachine allows you to turn ON and OFF any zones with the flick of a button.
Easy to program and use
 All information is well represented on your smartphone and you will not have to learn how to use an incomprehensible keypad. RainMachine offers an unlimited number of schedules and so you can choose to irrigate as many times a day as you want each individual area independently.
Each zone has its own name
Do you know that you can give each zone a name? no more complicated acronyms or tables to remind you that zone 2 is the hedge, but simply name it by its name: Hedge!

RainMachine uses up to 7-day weather forecasts and adapts the irrigation schedule to them, then checks the actual rainfall and recalculates its schedule every day - fully automatically
RanMachine uses an advanced climate forecast model based on multiple databases updated by the main European weather services, all free for your garden
The American body NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) uses dozens of satellites and ground stations. the meteorological modeling system uses an impressive volume of data to produce a set of very precise statistical forecasts. RainMachine connects via WIFI and downloads the forecast every 6 hours making them available to you and the irrigation system
Global Weather - The system expands
RaniMachine also uses data from other authoritative and independent operators such as
MET Norway. MET Norway is the Norwegian civilian and military weather forecasting system, one of the most efficient in the world.

forecasts of the planet and can be used anywhere.
7-Day Detailed Precipitation Forecast
Using forecasts of up to 7 days RainMachine effectively adapts the irrigation schedule to the expected rain, wind and humidity conditions. Not only does it foresee the possibility of rain but also the quantity in millimeters for the next 24 hours. day after day
Your control unit does not require any data connection with third party operators and does not require any subscription to premium services to operate the intelligent programming
Who controls your devices?
The Internet of Things (IoT) architecture is based on the principle that small and inexpensive sensors transmit data via the internet and the processing work is carried out on the cloud servers that will send the results to the customer's device. This model represents a problem for irrigation systems because the calculation on the quantity of water necessary to compensate for evaporation is carried out far from the control unit. In short, you would be the owner of a tool that is controlled by a third party. If the server is compromised or the connection is lost, all the ON / OFF management of the system may also be lost. Imagine this scenario: you are at home, you work in the garden and you have to use the control unit, but the cloud is out of order or the internet is. You won't be able to do anything.
RainMachine, on the other hand, can work directly with your smartphone without going through the network and receives commands directly. It does not need to go through the cloud servers to receive a command and therefore makes the system more robust and available in many cases of network unreliability. Instead, when you connect remotely then you will use the servers made available by RainMachine but this is not essential for the operation of the device which in the absence of a signal will continue to operate as expected by the program.
RainMachine devices are integrated with the main home automation systems available on the market today
Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, IFTTT

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