Mister Mosquito

Mosquito repellent system for parks and gardens

Mister MOSQUITO is an innovative automated nebulization system against mosquitoes and annoying insects. The anti-mosquito system allows the programmed management of the disinfestation or adulticidal repellence of tiger mosquitoes and harmful flying insects, such as flies, wasps and sand flies. The anti-mosquito circuit spreads mosquito killing products or biological repellents outdoors, using the principle of nebulization. It consists of a pressurization-mixing unit and a hydraulic circuit to house the spray nozzles, suitably positioned along the perimeter of the area to be treated in hedges, flower beds, bushes, wells or places that can favor the proliferation of mosquitoes.


Mister Mosquito is an innovative automated system against insects for parks and gardens. Through the nebulization it allows the programmed management of the disinfestation or repellence of the tiger mosquito and harmful flying insects such as flies, wasps and sand flies. A mister Mosquito anti-mosquito system definitively frees you from the problem of mosquitoes to become the master of your garden in an ecological, economical and effective way!

the pressurization / mixing unit and a path of pipes carry the product to every corner of the area to be protected, a series of spray nozzles distributed along the perimeter hedges of the garden, in flower beds, borders, in humid and shady areas.


Thanks to the always fresh maintenance of the active ingredient, a Mister Mosquito system guarantees maximum effectiveness even after a rainy day.

Some thousands of anti-mosquito systems made are the testimony of a successful product and its effectiveness.


Mister MOSQUITO spreads mosquito killing products or biological repellents outdoors, using the principle of nebulization.

Nebulization is the reduction of a liquid into very small parts (drops), which is obtained by forcing the liquid to pass through an orifice with a very narrow passage section.

No user intervention is required because the system is automated: thanks to the electronic control unit, it is possible to program the days, times and duration of dispensing, as well as the dilution of the active substance. Treatments with medical-surgical assistance are usually carried out during the night or at dusk, with 1-2 interventions lasting a few minutes, generating a micro-nebulization that rests on vegetation and surrounding areas.


With the MISTER Mosquito system, various solutions of concentrated active ingredient are available which in the right mix are harmless to people, animals or beneficial insects.

The natural insecticide pyrethrum of plant origin, killing in contact

The synergized pyrethroids Tetramethrin and Cypermethrin for a residual killing action with low environmental impact solvent (B.I.A.)

The disaccustomer against flying insects, 100% natural product. Thanks to the characteristic odor of the composition, it is particularly unwelcome to mosquitoes, horseflies and flies that keep away from the treated areas.

The Mister Mosquito Plus version allows you to dispense 2 different types of active ingredient at different times of the day so as to be able to enhance the knockdown effect with a pleasant olfactory barrier of the disaccustomer.



Inside we find the mixing system for the active ingredients, the electronic control unit for setting the system and the professional pressurization pump.

The galvanized steel cabinet is powder coated and can comfortably contain 2 cans of 5 lt. of product and is locked to preserve an accidental contact with the concentrated active ingredients.

The Mister Mosquito control unit can be positioned anywhere, it only needs a power outlet and a connection to a water tap.

Once the times, the frequency and the duration of the treatments have been set, the machine works autonomously day after day without the need for any intervention other than that of a possible replacement of the active ingredient.

Entirely produced in Italy with the highest quality components, the control unit of the Mister Mosquito anti-mosquito systems guarantees trouble-free operation over the years.


Digital Garden takes care of the entire system construction process. Inspection for the definition of customer needs, system sizing and estimate. Once the project has been defined, we take care of its installation and testing by providing a turnkey service to the customer who will only have to check the availability of the active ingredient at the end of the season for a possible reordering for the following year.

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