Defender Plus

Organize an outdoor barbecue with family or friends, take care of plants and flowers, cultivate a vegetable garden ...
How many times have we had to give up our passions and dreams because of annoying mosquitoes!
Now you can make them with Defender Plus!
Defender Plus eliminates mosquitoes, flies and baby food by automatically distributing in gardens and terraces a medical-surgical device without any manual intervention.
During operation (a few minutes in the night and early in the morning), Defender Plus mixes the product with water and nebulizes it through special nozzles on hedges, shrubs and sensitive areas to be protected.
In a few days, the mosquito adults are eliminated thus interrupting the reproductive cycle.
Defender Plus is a misting system for outdoor areas able to solve the problem of mosquitoes and other annoying insects forever.
It works automatically without any manual intervention, distributing a solution of water and anti-mosquito product on perimeter hedges, flower beds, borders and other sensitive points where it is necessary to eradicate annoying insects.
Once programmed, it only takes 3/4 minutes of spraying every night to guarantee continuous and persistent protection even in case of rain!

The system, simple and practical to install, is composed as follows:
1. a pumping and mixing unit contained in a lockable metal cabinet
2. a series of quick-fit stainless steel fittings and nozzles to spray the product in the desired points
3. a path of special very thin and resistant tubes
The pumping and mixing unit automatically doses and mixes the anti-mosquito product to the water, the mixture thus obtained is then pumped and distributed through the special spray nozzles placed on the perimeter of the area to be protected (for example hedges and border shrubs) and on the surrounding vegetation areas.
The system works perfectly even if the neighbors do not carry out any type of mosquito intervention as the "barrier" created prevents mosquitoes from entering your home!
Thanks to the Defender Plus technology, the mosquito repellent product savings compared to traditional treatments is guaranteed!
The daily interventions and the use of very diluted microdoses, offers results that are incomparable with any other method of distribution.
Use of massive doses of mosquito killing, costs for the disinfestation service, effect limited in time or zero in case of rain.

Significant savings in product used, automatic operation without manual intervention, persistent and continuous effect.
The ZAPI "B.I.A." product line used by Defender Plus is our choice, resulting from years of experience and experimentation in green areas of all types and sizes.
These are effective and safe products that use components and solvents with low environmental impact for free sale to the public, available in any garden center, agricultural consortia, etc.
Used at the recommended doses, they are absolutely harmless for people, pets and ornamental plants.
To install Defenfer Plus all you need is a water source (aqueduct or well), a 230 volt socket and a small space for wall mounting (H 70 cm x W 50 cm x D 25 cm).
A 4 mm diameter tube carries the product to the spray nozzles arranged in the predetermined areas.
Installation example
The installation of the microtube is very simple and fast, it does not require special excavations or complex masonry works; just fix it to fences, border nets, to vegetation using simple plastic clamps.
The reduced thickness of the tube allows the passage between floor tiles, wooden patios, gutters, downspouts, railings and gates with a pleasant aesthetic impact.
The areas off-center from the perimeter can also be reached through the pre-existing passages (cable glands for electricity, polifers for water pipes, etc.).
Digital Garden is a partner of Defender Plus for Lombardy and carries out professional installations of the most suitable product for your garden. Contact us for a free quote