<transcy>1Control SOLO</transcy>
<transcy>1Control SOLO</transcy>
<transcy>1Control SOLO</transcy>

1Control SOLO

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1Control SOLO is an electronic device that allows the operation of a radio-controlled automation, such as a gate or a garage, using a smartphone.

The device is operated by the bluetooth of the smartphone and therefore works even in the absence of a WI-FI signal in a range of 20-30m.

SOLO belongs to the 2nd generation of products and is compatible with the new Wi-Fi LINK accessory. .
With this accessory you can also activate the gate remotely, using the internet
Good to know: the 1Control product does not exclude the use of previous remote controls which will remain active!

• Control 4 gates / garages
• Up to 10 Users
• Purchase additional users from the app
• Sharing, revocation and access history
• Battery powered, no cables to connect