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Electric nebulizer.

MOTOR SPRAYER E is a small-sized nebulizer capable of producing uniform drops and featuring a long spray range. It has a stable, reliable and durable performance engine. It is an excellent equipment for green treatments and greenhouse applications. It can also be used for hygiene, disinfection and disinfestation treatments in civil environments, food industries and livestock farms.

It can be backed, equipped with an air hose (90 cm) with a handle to direct the fog produced.

It has on / off operation and flow adjustment controls located on the air hose handle.

It boasts ease of loading and unloading the solution.

Produces uniform droplets smaller than 50 μm in size. The size of the drops can be varied by acting on the adjustment tap.

It has the possibility of varying the flow rate per minute by acting on the adjustment tap. A higher range creates a wet fog.

It boasts an agitated air flow that allows treatments of surfaces and green areas (plants, tree crowns, hedges, etc.).

It covers horizontal and vertical dispensing distances and allows you to reach even difficult to access points.

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Dwellings / houses, Dumps and waste deposits, Garden / vegetable garden / orchard, Horeca, Industry and logistics, Means of transport, Parks and gardens, Food sector, Public structures and offices, Health structures, Public and private green, Animal husbandry