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iZanz is an outdoor misting mosquito repellent system. It is suitable for terraces and gardens up to 150 square meters. With its powerful 20 bar pump, it sprays a minimal amount of insecticide morning and evening, eliminating mosquitoes.
iZanz Mini is a real mosquito bomb.
iZanz Mini is in fact the first system against mosquitoes capable of eliminating mosquitoes from terraces and gardens up to 150 square meters by means of its powerful 20 bar pump.
iZanz Mini sprays a very small amount of insecticide for 70 seconds morning and evening, which degrades in sunlight and heat and is environmentally sustainable.
The iZanz Mini system is compact in design and is easy to install.
It is not intrusive: it is placed in a corner of the garden or terrace and acts while remaining hidden. iZanz Mini is solid and durable.
iZanz Mini is also a portable system that you will have with you even during the holidays: you can install it in the garden so you can enjoy your holidays without risking being eaten alive by mosquitoes. With iZanz Mini you can finally live your summer in peace and organize your barbecue dinners without the tremendous nuisance of mosquitoes.
The iZanz Mini system is very easy to install: it is assembled in a few steps. In any case, you can always count on a continuous assistance service. Our technicians and consultants are available to answer all your requests in order to make your experience with iZanz the best possible.
The system includes:
5lt tank
Pipes 25 mt
7 Anti-drip nozzles with stainless steel head
7 Nozzle holders
10 Anchor brackets
2 Plant end cap
1 T fitting
1 Pipe / pipe connection
1 Pipe cutting pliers
Clamps for anchoring nozzles
1 Collar for wall anchoring
1 liter of iZanz insecticide
1 Timer