<transcy>IGEBA UNIPRO 5</transcy>


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Standard unit
The IGEBA UNIPRO5 is universally applicable. Especially the acid resistant execution of the solution system gives additional benefit to durability and long life of the device.
Maximum care and attention to material quality is a basic requirement for functionality and operating reliability to ensure efficacy and optimal results. Especially when aggressive substances are applied, material quality and resistance are of great importance.
Equipped with a 230 V - A.C. - Asynchronous motor for an easy and flexible use
The motor and the blower are encapsulated and maintenance-free - thus supervision is required for application
Available in Fv1 execution for the food industry
L x W x H in 59 x 57 x 116 cm
Weight (empty kg.) 56
Motor Asynchronous motor
Performance (KW) 1,5
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Nominal current (Ampére) 9.25
Engine rotation speed 2845
Air compressor
Discharge rate (m3 / min.) 1
Air filter Foam filter
Drive 1 ribbed belt
Pressure (bar) 0.22
Drehzahl (U / min.) 14000
Air velocity at the nozzle (m / s) 200
Solution system
Nominal volume of the HD-PE solution tank in (l.) 20 (Standard)
45 (Optional)
Teflon solution line
Number of nozzles 1
Available dosage nozzles 0,8 / 1,0 / 1,2
Aerosol nozzles 360 ° adjustable
Max output in l / h approx. 10 l / h with dosage nozzle 0,8
approx. 14 l / h with dosage nozzle 1,0
approx. 18 l / h with dosage nozzle 1,2
Droplet spectrum
VMD, only water 10 l. for nozzle <20 Micrometer
Control manually or half automatic
Transport device
Frame galvanized steel frame
Tires 2 pneumatic tires