<transcy>Mister Mosquito Midi</transcy>
<transcy>Mister Mosquito Midi</transcy>
<transcy>Mister Mosquito Midi</transcy>

Mister Mosquito Midi

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Garden anti-mosquito system

Recommended for surfaces up to 250 square meters

Enjoy your garden in complete freedom, eliminating the annoyance of flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insects forever.

Complete Mosquito Kit Mr. Mosquito MIDI 20
The ideal solution for small balconies and gardens up to 250 square meters automated dispensing of 1 active ingredient READY TO USE up to a maximum of 18-20 misting nozzles


Mr. Mosquito MIDI control unit for dispensing active ingredient ready for use max 18-20 nozzles 230 V 50 W. pressure 20 Bar
MQ400110 Professional pipe cutting pliers for pipes up to 1/2 "1
MQ400117 1/4 ”steel pipe clamp with gasket BLACK COLOR 70
MQ300113 Nozzle holder end-of-line fitting L 90 ° quick coupling 1⁄4 "x 10/24" 1
MQ300101 Quick coupling nozzle holder 1⁄4 "x 10/24" 13
MQ130311 Mr. MOSQUITO nozzle 0.30 cleanable stainless steel 10/24 "with anti-drip valve 14
MQ400114 Mister Mosquito black hose 1/4 - 40 bar in polyamide PA12
skein 50 m 2