<transcy>SOLO 441 BATTERY BACKPACK PUMP</transcy>
<transcy>SOLO 441 BATTERY BACKPACK PUMP</transcy>


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SOLO 441 LI, is equipped with a rechargeable and removable lithium-ion battery that provides up to five hours of continuous operation and is rechargeable in just two hours. The SOLO 441 LI battery pump is designed to use the SOLO range of accessories. The supply of spare parts is guaranteed for many years to come.
Operational advantages:
Robust and easy to maintain design.
Electric pump developed by SOLO.
Compact, replaceable and easily accessible lithium-ion battery from the outside.
Up to five hours of battery life with just two hours of charging.
Ergonomic comfort:
The reservoir and base are anatomically shaped similar to the human spine.
The shape of the tank guarantees the minimum presence of liquid residues.
Optimized design:
The liquid tank incorporates UV protection to ensure a long life of the plastic and the stability of the product to be distributed, even in the face of intense sun exposure.
The diameter of the tank filler is large, 124 mm, and equipped with a quick-closing lid. The liquid filter can be easily removed.
A sturdy built-in handle makes it easy to transport and empty the pump.
The wide base of the tank guarantees good support, even on uneven surfaces.
The spraying lance, made of plastic, is 50 cm long and can be stored neatly in a specific holder. This way, the nozzle is protected from dirt or damage.
The manual valve control is very robust and equipped with a lock to spray comfortably and effortlessly. The tube was reinforced with fabric strands. It is translucent, wrinkle-free and with a length of 1.3m to have a sufficiently large operating range.
Electric pump:
Developed on the exclusive project of SOLO.
Compact and light, only 640g.
Made of reinforced polypropylene.
Equipped with flap that closes automatically when the battery is removed.
Automatic shutdown when the operating pressure is reached.
Each unit is calibrated at 2.5 bar.
Easy to disassemble for maintenance or repair.
11.1V 2.5Ah Li-ion battery
16 liter tank
Flow rate 0,6 - 1,16 l / min
Pressure 2.5 bar
Air speed 92 m / s
Autonomy 300 min. about
Charging time 120 min. about
Weight 3.7 kg