<transcy>SOLO 452-03 SHOULDER ATOMIZER</transcy>
<transcy>SOLO 452-03 SHOULDER ATOMIZER</transcy>
<transcy>SOLO 452-03 SHOULDER ATOMIZER</transcy>


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Professional backpack sprayer 452-03 - capacity 12 lt. 2T engine - 66.5 cc. - horizontal reach 12 mt.
The high distribution capacity of the product and the low weight of the SOLO PORT 423 atomizer are distinctive features of this SOLO product. For several decades SOLO sprayers have been used for the protection of agricultural crops, vineyards, fruit plants as well as for the treatment of parasites in flocks, sheepfolds, stables and warehouses. The modern and consolidated construction technology always allows excellent economy in fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions
Professional atomizer with 66.5 cc engine
Power kW / HP 3.0 / 4.1
Fuel tank capacity 1.4 liters
Liquid tank capacity 12 liters
Maximum air volume m³ / h 1400
Horizontal range 12 m
Sound pressure level dB (A) 97
Sound power level dB (A) 110
Vibrations m / s² ≤ 6.3
Dry weight kg 11
Accessories on request
ULV jet, double jet, blowing hose extension from
60 cm, auxiliary pump kit, powder distribution kit